Sunday, June 21, 2015


Happy Fathers Day Papa! 

I hope he remembers talking to me today. I miss him more than ever today. I hate that he can't remember things. 

I would give anything to have one more day with him at full memory. To hear his "little Leon" stories, have him make one of his famous Bud burgers, play a game of cribbage, drive around doing an inspection, having him drive with his knees, smelling his cigar or having 
him say "you know what you otta 
do is..." I would give anything for 

He was in a good mood today. He told me a couple stories that made no sense but I listened anyway. His eyes just look so empty. He still has that smile! He still loves his peanut M&M's, his chocolate malts and black licorice. 

 I miss him. 

Father's Day is never a good day for me. My dad was never around and is now passed away. I used to refer to this day as "shit day" and my papa started to call it that. Just because he knew it made me laugh. I would always get him a dad card and cross out the word dad and out papa. But let's face facts, he's the only dad I've ever had. 

I know he knows how much I adore him. He taught me so much, even if I didn't always listen. I would be lost in life without him and I have never loved anyone more. 

I just miss my Papa.