Hi, I'm Allie.
I'm a 35 year old, food loving, sports fanatic, wanna be runner, looking to lose 100lbs. My friends that know me best will tell you that I'm blunt, straight to the point and swear like a truck driver. No need to sugar coat life, I already have a sweet tooth! 
So let's talk sports... I'm a huge Vikings, Twins and Notre Dame fan. You can find me at nearly every game, decked out in the best fan gear. I'm currently completing a bucket list dream to go to every MLB stadium in the country. Almost done! 
I love walking and if all goes as planned, I'll call myself a runner someday. The tortoise won the race anyways, right?! The best part about my walks and runs are the sunsets in Minneapolis. I take pictures of them any chance I get. My pictures have even made it on the Channel 4 news. 
Back to why I'm writing this blog... I love food! Don't we all?! I'm hoping to shed 100lbs and couldn't find a better way to stay motivated and on track than by checking in with all you as often as possible. I want to share all my new recipes with you, try out new kitchen gadgets and just let you all know how I'm doing. If I'm not blogging, then I'm usually on Twitter and Instagram. Follow me!
Wanna know anything else about me? Just ask!