Thursday, January 12, 2017

Social Media

When I started my weight loss journey, I decided that I was going to share it on all of my social media accounts. I figured that if I started sharing it with everyone, it would keep me accountable and help keep me motivated. 

I have been asked many times why I have never made a weight loss specific instagram or twitter or facebook. The reason I have kept all of my social media accounts as my personal and my weight loss is because this is my life. You really can't have one without out the other. Me going to tailgate at a vikings game and trying to stay on track with my eating while having shots of fireball are all part of my personal and my weight loss life. I am not on a temp diet, I am changing my lifestyle. 

The second reason I have never made my accounts separate is the feedback and support I have gotten from my friends, my family and that person from high school who I have not seen since 1999 that I have reconnected with because I am sharing my life. My journey has brought so many people into my life and reconnected me with people I never in a million years thought it would have. 

I've been asked more than once if I was ever embarrassed sharing how much I weigh or what I ate or what size I wore or how much I gained back. I don't think embarrassed  is the way I would describe how I feel or felt. Sure, posting on my facebook that I weighed almost 300 lbs or that I was wearing a size 26 jeans was not the most comfortable thing to do but it was/is part of my story. And lets face facts here, I posted just as many pictures back then as I do know so people were aware I was not rocking a size 10.

When I decided to share my journey, I decided to share my life. The good, the bad and the fat. 

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