Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Diet vs. Healthy Lifestyle

This subject has always driven me crazy. I am not on a diet! I am over the constant questions " can you eat that?" "is that a weight watcher food?" "can you eat at this restaurant?" Over it!

One of the main reasons I chose weight watchers is because it is very doable with my life. And that is what I wanted. I want to be able to eat normal foods, to go out to eat with friends, do have a beer if I want one, I want to be able to eat a hotdog at the ballpark and just have my weight-loss/ healthy eating fit into my regular life.

I have tried diets in the past. And it sucks! I am the type of person who as soon as I or someone else tells me "no you can have....that, " I will obsess about that. I will dream about that one thing that I can't have and eventually I will just break down and have it. Thus ending my diet.

Weight Watchers has given me the freedom to be normal. And guess what? I have been successful. Sure I see people daily taking this months miracle pill, drinking shakes for two meals a day, and all the other fads out there. I see these people losing weight quickly. Quicker than me. BUT I also see these same people a few months later who have gained all the weight they lost back as soon as they stopped whatever fad they were doing. Yes, I have gained some of the initial weight I lost back but that was because I went back to old lazy habits.

The one thing that I feel I needed to learn more about was eating cleaner. This is something that someday WW will catch up on. WW does have a list of 'power foods' so that is a start. I am learning about good fats vs. bad fats and in cooperating some of that into my meal planning.

So please stop asking me how my diet is going because I am not on one! I am living my life!

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