Sunday, March 22, 2015

This is MY real life

I have been asked may times why I do not have a WW only Instagram or Facebook.

When I decided to start WW in 2011, I decided I was going to be completely open about it. I was going to share it with anyone and everyone. 

 In the past when I have started a "diet" I was so embarrassed that I would not tell a soul about it. It was almost like I was hiding. I would go grocery shopping late at night, so no one saw me buying "diet" food. I would avoid social outing or cancel last minute. I would eat at home, alone. That is not living.

 SO this time around I decided to share it with everyone. It started just by sharing my weekly losses and gains on my Facebook page. And let me tell you, the response was amazing. People came out of the woodwork to congratulate me, to encourage me, to pick me up when I had a gain and so much more. People I had not spoken to since high school were sending me messages and it was so amazing. 

I started sharing on my twitter and Instagram. I began connecting with other people from across the country who were all on the same journey. I have found so much motivation and encouragement. I have gotten the best food ideas, exercise ideas, met walking buddies, and the list goes on and on. Twice I have been stopped in target by strangers who follow my IG and that I was inspiring them... ummm what?!! 

 I have met some of the best people because of me being so open about it. Life long friends! Sorry you guys are stuck with me forever! 

 The main reason I only have one account for each is because this is my life. My weight loss journey, going to Vikings games, my cats, my family, Minneapolis's skyline, my food finds, the deer in my yard, dudes with random mustaches, new recipes it try, my friends: this is my real life. I am not going to be ashamed that I am on WW or losing weight, it is my life. 

 Simple as that!
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