Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 13

What is the meaning of your blog 

A little less Allie... I think the name is pretty obvious. I want there to be physically less of me. 

The funny thing is, there is more than just one meaning to my blog name. My personality is ALOT! And I do mean ALOT! I am loud, bossy, cocky, swear a lot, very blunt and just out there. And I noticed the more weight I lost, the more I was. (If that makes any sense)  When I was almost 300lbs I still would talk to anyone. I was still extremely talkative and outgoing and yes even cocky. 

I have figured out through my journey of losing weight, that I need to check myself. I need to not be so over the top all the time. However, I will never be some sky and quiet girl, that will never happen! Just a little more chill. 

So a little less Allie has many meanings!