Friday, January 30, 2015

27,28,29, 30 and 31

27. What song describes your life
28. Before/now photo 
29. What are you looking forward to 
30. Guilty pleasures 
31. Why do you keep going 


Just because I adore baseball so very much 

28. Twinsfest 2008 and Twinsfest 2015

Ugh I can tell I gained weight; but I wi use this as motivation 


Shopping off the rack 
Becoming a runner 
Traveling with my WW babes
Finishing school 
Falling in love 
Wearing a single digit size
Hitting my goal weight 


Crispy M&M's
People Magazine 
Bravo TV shows 


I keep going because the lower in weight I get, the better I feel. I want to be a mom someday and I just want to feel healthy. I want to like what o see when I look in the mirror. 

The main reason I keep going is, I know how it feels be be almost 300lbs and I never want to feel they way again.