Saturday, March 15, 2014

DITCH the scale!!!

When I started WW back in 2011, I was obsessed with the scale. I had one at home and I would weigh myself at least once a day. Sometimes twice a day and sadly even more then that. 

The days I would weigh myself more then once were the days I was not happy with the number the scale was showing me. I mean how much is it really going to change 17 minutes later? 

Sometimes I would weigh myself in the morning and be up 1.whatever pounds and then I would weigh myself after dinner on the same day, and I would be doen 1.whatever pounds. 

My weigh in is Friday morning at 10:00am central standard time. I would weigh myself at home and 100% of the time my scale was different then the WW scale. I spoke to my leader, Julie and she gave me a lot of suggestions. 

Best advice ever: stop weighing myself! Have one day when you weigh in and that is it! Let me tell you this was the BEST thing for me. I only weigh in at my weigh in on Friday mornings. I have a scale at home that I keep under my dresser (out of sight, out of mind)for the rare weeks where I cannot go to my weigh in. 

It helps, a lot!

**i do have a fitbit and a fitbit scale BUT I only use my fitbit scale e/o after my weigh in because it calculates my body fat and updates my fitbit goals!